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Professional ​

Born in 1986, I am a researcher, guide, lecturer, social activist, youth leader and writer based in Haifa, Israel.
I guide historical, social, cultural, and political walking tours, mainly in Haifa, and lecture about different aspects of queer and LGBT+ history, culture, and politics - from a queer Hebrew dialect to the LGBT+ history of capitalism. Both walking tours and talks are detailed here.
As a researcher, I specialize in the histories of sexualities, LGBTQ+ & queer histories, and the urban history of Haifa. As detailed in the projects section, I am a co-leader of the “Haifa Queer History Project”, a research and documentation project of the histories of LGBT+ people in the city of Haifa, from the beginning of the 20th century to present day. Additionaly, I currently research the history of homosexuality on the Kibbutz in the first decades of the state of Israel.

Undergraduate Studies

​2011 - 2016


Jewish History, University of Haifa.

Honors Program, University of Haifa.

BA completed summa cum laude.



Graduate Studies

2016 - present


The international program in the department of Israel Studies, University of Haifa

University of Haifa
The Dean of Humanities Excellency Prize.
The Urban Kibbutz - A Form Of Revolt

Panim - A Journal for Culture, Society and Education 60 (2013): 12-20. Print. (Hebrew).

The Solution Is Romance

Hevra 55 (2013): 26-27. Print. (Hebrew).

Capitalism, Homophobia And Nationalism In Cold War USA

Hevra 57 (2013): 16-19. Print. (Hebrew).

For the First time in Israel

Gay Times (March 2018). Print.

Struggle and Progress

Gay Times (June 2018). Print.

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